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Mixed Sprouts
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Welcome to Mr Sprout.

Mr Sprout is the premier Wholesale supplier of sprouts in the Cape Town and Western Cape Area. Our products are grown and packed under very strict hygienic conditions and supplied daily to our customers. Our sprouts have been seen in stores throughout South Africa and even as far as Mozambique.

Mr.Sprout offers a wide range of sprouts, such as, bean sprouts, beet root sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, radish sprouts, chickpea sprouts, onion sprouts, lentil sprouts and other seasonal sprouts.
We supply all major supermarket chains, grocery stores and most of the asian market in the Cape Town area with our sprouts and sprout products. With our own fleet of refrigerated trucks  we supply our
customers seven days

aweek with fresh sprouts. Our sprouts are grown and packed under very strict hygienic conditions and we comply with all food related legislation. Our sprouts and facilities are audited on a regular basis to provide the highest possible quality of sprouts to our customers.

We strive to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible. We have managed to reduce our solid waste by reusing cardboard boxes, smarter packaging and labeling and good stock management. We are in the process of installing LED lighting throughout our facility to reduce electricity use and increase food safety. Our wastewater is reused in the surrounding land as irrigation water. Organic waste is also recycled as animal feed and compost.